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About Us

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Hanumant Diamonds is the dream of all those who wish to buy real diamond jewellery. Everyone wishes to own this precious stone jewellery, but very few can afford, & even fewer have access to the quality they desire. At Hanumant Diamonds we fulfill all your wishes at your doorstep.

Why Hanumant Diamonds ?

Hanumant Diamonds is committed to delivering the quality which we promise. All our jewellery bear the company’s hallmark, which is the synonym of trust & purity. The company is based out of Surat – the diamond capital of the world. The location gives us the advantage of sourcing the diamonds directly from the manufacturer and supply you the highest quality diamonds at lowest prices.

We also deal in loose diamonds of all shapes & sizes*.

The owner

Hanumant Diamonds was initially set up by Mrs. Meena Agarwal, who had a keen desire to work from home alongwith managing the family. So, she pursued her interest in Jewellery designing by doing a professional jewellery designing course. Soon she started crafting the designs much to the admiration of near & dear ones.

Later, Mr. Vishal Agarwal, an alumnus of Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow, joined to take the company to a wider customer base.

Hanumant Diamonds was formed with the goal to build the bridge between A Wish, Affordability, Convenience and Faith. The owners aims to achieve this through concept marketing, online retail and presence at the source location, which enables the company to lower its cost & hence fulfill their customers Wishes at rock-bottom prices.

Franchisee Partners

For all those who wish to see our collection, we have also set up Franchisees across the country. Most of the franchisee partners are those who work from home. The home set-up involves lower investment, provides earning opportunity to those who wish to work part time and ensures that the customers get the best-buy offers.


*Certification for diamonds available on demand.

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